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After colonising in the mysterious land of Nordribjod in which creatures previously assumed to be mere legend roam, the men of the recently-founded country of Skystead have fallen subject to greed. The area of land bestowed upon them by the Velren elves is not enough, it seems. They want more, and they aren't afraid to let the elves know by openly attacking. Will they succeed, or will the elves continue to fend them off? The elves also want land, what they consider their land. The world is cooling and what was once Velren farmland is now fields of ice. One thing is certain— these growing tensions have everyone wondering just who they can trust.
Opened May 19.
Valour is an 18+ medievalesque fantasy roleplay set in an original world.

the playable races

last updated: may 13

The following species are the only species that can be played on Valour, so please don't ask us if you can play something else. If something isn't specified about a particular race, feel free to contact a member of staff with questions or ideas. Please keep in mind that Skystead and Nordribjod are the main focus of this roleplay at the moment, so Estrians, Xastilians and Velren elves will be the most common choices for characters. However, there's nothing stopping you from creating characters from other races, be they travellers, wanderers or foreigners living in a different country. You may not create foreign royals such as the King of Felvenelle, for example.


  1. Taigonians

    The inhabitants of Taigon are an 'oriental' race of men, and could best be compared to our East Asian people (not people from India). Therefore we ask that face claims used for Taigonians are of East Asian descent. Taigonian names should be influenced by Japanese names.

    Taigonians and Elves have lived in Esnium in relative peace and harmony for the duration of recorded history. Taigonians are a very spiritual and superstitious people. They support the use of magic, but are somewhat wary of darker magic. Their relationship with the men of Aragor is not the best and they regard them with caution as a result of the battles that have occurred over the years between these men and the Elves of Nordribjod. Although they have so far been upholding trade relations because the Taigonians are the primary producers of spices in Esnium.

    The people of Taigon are ruled by an Emperor, a title passed down to the eldest child, be they male or female. A female Emperor is known as an Empress. The authority and power of an Emperor/Empress is not shared with their spouse, and if the Emperor/Empress dies, the title is passed down to the eldest child rather than the spouse, no matter the child's age.

  2. Estrians

    The people of Estria, an area of northern Aragor, are fair-skinned with diverse hair colours. They are the founders of Skystead, the colony that was created on the shores of Esnium following the mass Flight of Aragor.

    Estrians are a refined society and were once incredibly wealthy. A lot of this wealth was lost during the Flight of Aragor but they are beginning to regain it once more by means of wine production.

    Estrian society is ruled by noble families and a monarch that controls all. This monarch is always male, and thus always a King. A female monarch is bound by law to marry and to hand her authority over to her husband. Estrians are famed for their large army of disciplined ground troops.

  3. Xastilians

    Xastilians are a dark-skinned people that originated from an area in south Aragor known as Xastil. Their lands were invaded by the men of Estria, who moved to the southern part of the country to escape the volcanic activity occurring in the north. Once they were warrior-orientated horse lords, but at this moment in time the majority of them work as housewives and servants for the Estrians now inhabiting Esnium. However, that is not to say that all Xastilians have such poor jobs. The men of Xastil are famed mercenaries, having still retained much of their warrior-mentality.

    Since they are part of the Estrian society that has colonised in Skystead, Esnium, the Xastilians are ruled by the Estrian monarch. Rebellion is not unheard of and there have been rumours of another slowly beginning to grow.

    Face claims used to portray the Xastilians should be dark-skinned e.g, of African or African-American descent, etc.


  1. Rhylen Elves

    The Elves of Rhylenor tend to have very spirited personalities. They are completely in tune with nature and the world around them. They might make remarks about the current mood of the forest, which sounds incredibly odd to a stranger. It is as though they can speak to the woods and they seem to be able to communicate with the flora and fauna within. Renowned for their skill in regards to hunting and tracking, the reality is that the forest leads them whichever way they wish to go, be it by scent or by visual means. Branches twisting and vegetation bending to lead the Rhylen elves is a regular occurrence in their isolated lives. Therefore they do not believe in clearing woodland to create space for their homes. Instead they build within, among, or even atop the trees.

    Only the forests of Rhylenor respond to them in such a fashion and some Rhylen elves that leave their homeland have been known to experience severe homesickness and in rare cases, insanity. Obviously not every Rhylen elf who decides to travel will experience this, but no longer being able to communicate with the forest no doubt causes intense loneliness for a time.

    Rhylen Elves are esteemed hunters and archers. They like to drop upon their enemies from the treetops and make use of the element of surprise.

    Rhylen Elves age and go through puberty at the same rate humans do, however their ageing process slows immensely following the end of puberty. Elves do not die of sickness, but they can be killed by violent means or poisoning. Currently, there is no Elf older than four-hundred years. Brown and black hair colours are the norm among Rhylen elves.

    The Rhylen Elves are a tribal folk and incredibly reclusive, with a lack of much knowledge regarding the outside world. Therefore they have little to no relations with other races. Due to the humid and hot climate of Rhylenor, Rhylen elves have darker skin than their brethren. Therefore faceclaims should be of Hawaiian, Brazillian or South-European descent. Or well, any descent that has given them tanned skin.

  2. Felven Elves

    The Elves of Felvenelle have much darker hair than their Velren cousins, and range from being brunette to black-haired.

    The Elves of Felvenelle do not live in as dense of forestry as the Elves of Rhylenor do. They prefer open and coastal areas. They are skilled fishermen and maintain positive relationships with sea-dwelling species. In fact, sea-dwellers are found living within Felven Elf society more than in any other society in Esnium.

    Felven Elves are skilled at both sword and spear-wielding. Their skill at wielding spears comes from their affinity for spear-fishing. It is often said that Felven Elves are sea-dwellers born in the wrong skin.

    Felven Elves age and go through puberty at the same rate humans do, however their ageing process slows immensely following the end of puberty. Elves do not die of sickness, but they can be killed by violent means or poisoning. Currently, there is no Elf older than four-hundred years. Felven elves, due to their more barbaric lifestyles, do not tend to reach such an age.

    The Felven Elves are ruled by a King and a Queen. There are minor lords throughout the kingdom known as Jarls. Felven elves are inspired by Nordic culture.

  3. Velren Elves

    Velren Elves are taller than any other elven race and it is not unusual for some of them, particularly males, to stand at heights of seven feet. Their complexions are incredibly pale from a lack of sun, for their capital city is situated within a mountain, and their hair tends to be fair, often white.

    A lot of the Velren wealth comes from mining jewels which they often trade to other countries. The Velren elves are renowned jewelers and tailors that enjoy looking their best.

    The Velren elves refer to themselves as the Veloighir in their own tongue. They see themselves as the original race of elves, with the Felven and Rhylen elves being former Velren elves that moved to different lands and acclimatised.

    Velren elves are inspired by a mixture of Nordic and Slavic culture.


  1. Sirens

    Sirens are beautiful yet dangerous creatures that have the ability to lure men and elves alike to their deaths using their enchanting music and singing voices. The idea of sexuality is a foreign one to sirens, but they do often have their personal 'meal' preferences. Sirens may either be male or female. Their lifespan depends solely on the amount of human flesh they consume. Their ability to enchant is stronger when they are near the ocean, and they tend to remain around coastal areas as a result.

    Unlike selkies, when a siren leaves the water and dries off completely, their tail automatically morphs into human legs.

    Sirens need to regularly consume human flesh (at least once every few days) to stop themselves from ageing. It is technically possible for sirens to simply eat fish and allow themselves to age naturally, because they age and mature at the same rate as humans if they are not consuming people.

    Sirens have a nomadic society and don't believe themselves to be ruled by anybody. However, this could easily change in the future.

  2. Selkies

    Selkies are creatures that resemble sea creatures in the water but assume a human form when on land. Selkies will only appear as sea mammals or sharks. They cannot take the form of, say, a sardine. They do not choose their skin themselves; it's completely random.

    A selkie skin is basically, if you imagine a seal was skinned, that's what would drop off of a seal selkie should they decide to switch forms when leaving the water. They have to protect this skin somehow while they're on land, otherwise they'll never be able to revert to their animal form. A strange unexplained magic allows selkies to literally absorb this skin and revert to their original form when returning to the water.

    Male selkies are described as being very handsome in their human form and they have great seductive powers over human women. Selkies do not choose their human forms. Their human form is theirs from birth. They never look elvish. If a woman wishes to make contact with a selkie male, she must shed seven tears into the sea. The same goes for the opposite genders. There have been tales of selkie hunters that would bottle the tears of people and drop them into the sea to summon a selkie and then slay them.

    If a man of any race other than a selkie steals a female selkie's skin she is in his power and is forced to become his wife. Female selkies are said to make excellent wives, but because their true home is the sea, they will often be seen gazing longingly at the ocean. If she finds her skin she will immediately return to her true home in the sea. Again, this applies to both genders.

    Selkies live no more than three-hundred years. Like sirens, their society is leaderless and fairly nomadic, though they do seek mates at around middle age if they have not already acquired a partner. While they are mostly nomadic, some have built land-homes on the islands surrounding Esnium. It is on these islands that selkies find romantic partners and bare children.

Mixed-species offspring

Characters that are half human and half elf will have the same average lifespan as that of humans. Their ears are a mixture of the ears of both races and thus, while they are pointed, it is a more gentle and less severe upward curve. Humans and sea-dwellers cannot reproduce. Elves and sea-dwellers cannot reproduce either.

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