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After colonising in the mysterious land of Nordribjod in which creatures previously assumed to be mere legend roam, the men of the recently-founded country of Skystead have fallen subject to greed. The area of land bestowed upon them by the Velren elves is not enough, it seems. They want more, and they aren't afraid to let the elves know by openly attacking. Will they succeed, or will the elves continue to fend them off? The elves also want land, what they consider their land. The world is cooling and what was once Velren farmland is now fields of ice. One thing is certain— these growing tensions have everyone wondering just who they can trust.
Opened May 19.
Valour is an 18+ medievalesque fantasy roleplay set in an original world.

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 A Few Good Men, bodyguard/captain of the guard
Konstanse Westerberg
 Posted: May 31 2017, 11:44 AM


26 years old

Lady of Westerberg Estate



40's. Iain Glenn. Bodyguard

Magister Vesna Medved is seeking a bodyguard/Captain of the Guard. Iain Glenn is the requested PB. The character would be responsible for the personal safety of the Magister. I would very much prefer it if he was a human who attended the Mages Guild (studying Fortification magic?) we can discuss the details but one way or another he impressed Vesna and she took him on into her household (possibly 20-ish years ago?) and has since become her most trusted servant but also a dear friend and respected adviser.

late 40's. Rory McCann. Bodyguard/Captain of the Guard.
Lady Konstanse Westerberg is seeking a Captain of the Guard/Bodyguard. Rory McCann is the requested PB. Ideally the character will be a veteran 'tough as coffin nails type.' He can either have came up through the household and involved in protecting her to varying levels since she was a little girl or he may have gained his experience elsewhere and later was hired (possibly a former member of the Seven Blades?). Either way he is now a loyal sworn sword, respected in the Westerberg household and of course, handsomely paid!

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