♛ An original medieval fantasy roleplay

After colonising in the mysterious land of Nordribjod in which creatures previously assumed to be mere legend roam, the men of the recently-founded country of Skystead have fallen subject to greed. The area of land bestowed upon them by the Velren elves is not enough, it seems. They want more, and they aren't afraid to let the elves know by openly attacking. Will they succeed, or will the elves continue to fend them off? The elves also want land, what they consider their land. The world is cooling and what was once Velren farmland is now fields of ice. One thing is certain— these growing tensions have everyone wondering just who they can trust.
Opened May 19.
Valour is an 18+ medievalesque fantasy roleplay set in an original world.

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 Among Thieves
Freya Linden
 Posted: Jun 1 2017, 06:23 AM


22 years old




So operating in the shadows of Skystead is a small bunch of disorganised rogues. Sort of think of us as mercenaries who don't kill, but who do less-than-legal jobs for you when you don't want to get your hands dirty. Spying, sneaking, stealing, etc. We're very popular with nobles. Or very unpopular, depending on which noble you ask.

Feel free to create your own character who is a member (we could come up with a better group name too, let's be real), or grab one of the following! I need people to plot with so don't be shy, I will love you forever and give you so many threads.


user posted image
Avery Becker
30's - Francois Arnaud

This guy is smart. Like, scarily smart. Avery kind of self-appointed himself to lead the group, a matter which is still being hotly debated among everyone except Avery, who just feels he's the only person who can do it. Moody, slightly arrogant, and absolutely brilliant, he is nevertheless also extremely secretive. He knows things, has a lot of clients and connections, and is as a result probably one of the most hated men in Skystead. Being as talented as he is, however, has meant no one has been able to throw him in jail thus far because he's just that good. History and past are up to the player, as long as he has been with the thieves for a good few years by now (keeping in mind he has a sister, below). More details between Freya and Avery can be discussed if the player is interested, since he was the one who recruited her.


user posted image
Millie Becker
26 - Carey Mulligan (I'm actually really attached to it being her if possible! Unless someone else grabs her first obv)

Millie is Avery's sister, but pretty much nothing like him. She's bright, friendly, has a good sense of humour and a zest for life. She has brilliant social and people-skills which are put to use if the group ever need a front or someone to act as a diplomat. She's often elected to interact with slightly difficult clients since she is so good at making them warm to her, or to go to public events as she seems to find it easy to convince people she's a a friendly helping hand wherever she goes (meaning they don't notice when she's up to no good). History and past up to the player (keeping in mind she has a brother, see above).


user posted image
Kenrick Hayes
38 - Paul Bettany

This guy is an expert at infiltration and escaping. Mainly because he has a loyal pet ferret that can fit into tiny spaces and bring him back stuff, disarm traps, bring him keys, and help him get out of tricky situations. He's a little too sarcastic for his own good, and actually has such a penchant for trouble, that he's gotten caught on purpose on several occasions just so he can break free again. Everyone else calls him a liability, he calls himself a thrill-seeker. Has more than his fair share of scars due to recklessness. (If using Paul Bettany there are literally gifs of him in Inkheart doing fire spinning too and I mean that would be so fitting for this character...) History and past up to the player.


Post here or PM me and we can discuss any details or questions you may have! I may add more characters soon.
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