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After colonising in the mysterious land of Nordribjod in which creatures previously assumed to be mere legend roam, the men of the recently-founded country of Skystead have fallen subject to greed. The area of land bestowed upon them by the Velren elves is not enough, it seems. They want more, and they aren't afraid to let the elves know by openly attacking. Will they succeed, or will the elves continue to fend them off? The elves also want land, what they consider their land. The world is cooling and what was once Velren farmland is now fields of ice. One thing is certain— these growing tensions have everyone wondering just who they can trust.
Opened May 19.
Valour is an 18+ medievalesque fantasy roleplay set in an original world.

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 Canon List, Important characters & roles
 Posted: May 14 2017, 03:35 AM

Under your bed

Invincible years old




the canon list

character slots with a strike through the information are taken. more slots will be added every now and then, so check back regularly!


The King of Skystead

The King of Skystead rules the citizens of Skystead, and must be of Estrian descent. He must be at least forty years old or older.

The King of Skystead is played by Wulfric Dietritche

---- Primary Noble Hamilies of Skystead

Skystead has five primary noble families, but there will be some smaller ones too, obviously, that are completely open for roleplayers to invent themselves. These families each own an estate somewhere within the country and are the wealthiest families in Skystead. They tend to have at least one family member representing them in the royal court.

A strike through the name means the family has characters in play, while no strike means the family has no characters and is still available.

  • The Dietritches - Sigil is a gold phoenix on a crimson field. Current royal family.
  • The Assendorps - Sigil is a green ash tree on a pale grey field.
  • The Ecclestons - Sigil is a gold hawk on a black field.
  • The Westerbergs - Sigil is a snow-capped mountain on an indigo field.
  • The Brauers - Sigil is a white horse rearing on a purple field.
  • ---- Court Advisors

    A King always has need of advisors, and these men make up the royal court of Skystead. The King often places particular duties on these advisors too, as the work load that comes with ruling a vast city would be far too much for one man alone. Royal advisors are generally of noble descent but could have worked their way up to the rank. They must be thirty years old or more.

  • Advisor #1 is played by Gaerrick Eccleston
  • Advisor #2 is played by Reinhardt Assendorp
  • Advisor #3 is played by Ishild Breitbarth
  • Advisor #4 is open
  • --- The Court Archivist

    The Archivist of Skystead's court is in charge of retaining and preserving historical documents and books/tomes. However, this character also leads a notable Mage's guild that was founded by his/her great grandfather. Therefore they are a powerful magic user. They have newly inherited the guild. Their experience with magic is up to the player, but their experience with magic is bound to be better if they are older. The guild has always acted as a neutral entity that avoided conflict between kingdoms, but whether or not this will change is up to the player. If it is changed, there will certainly be uproar among guild members.

    The Court Archivist also has an apprentice archivist who they are secretly tutoring in magic on the sidelines. This character should be younger, perhaps in their late teens to twenties. They are most likely Estrian but they could also be Xastliian.

  • Court Archivist is played by siegmund rozen
  • Court Archivist's apprentice is open
  • --- The Seven Blades

    The Seven Blades are a mercenary group. Their headquarters lies in Skystead but they can be found all over Esnium. They are not racist or selective and thus, people of any species and heritage are accepted equally. The name 'Seven Blades' is derived from the fact that the group is always lead by seven seasoned mercenary warriors. The authority of a Blade is judged by their rank in the Seven, with the Seventh Blade having the least control and the First Blade having the most.

  • First Blade is open
  • Second Blade is played by Heidrún Njordrdottir
  • Third Blade is open
  • Fourth Blade is open
  • Fifth Blade is open
  • Sixth Blade is open
  • Seventh Blade
  • is open


    --- The Council of Nordribjod

    Nordribjod's council rules the country in place of a monarch and is made up of eight members, each the head of the highest-ranking families in the country. For a decision to be passed there must be a majority vote among the council.

  • Master of Coin is open
  • Master of Farmland is played by _ Asedlak - Her authority is lessening due to the steady decline in farmland
  • Master of Secrets is played by Desilava Resnik
  • Master of War is played by Drago Volkov
  • Master of Trade is open
  • Master of Mines is open
  • Master of Craft is played by LOKIR BELIKOV - See Jewellers' Guild below
  • The Magister is played by Vesna Medved - Representative of the Mages' Guild
  • --- The Jewellers' Guild

    Posing as a mere crafting guild in Bulíd involved in the making of jewellery, this is also a society of secretive assassins. Skilled poison-brewers, one of their techniques is incorporating miniscule barbs laced with venom into various pieces of jewellery and make sure it reaches the intended victim in an innocent manner. However not all members of this secret society use such sly methods, many of them are classic blade-to-throat assassins. The Jewellers' Guild is overseen by the Master of Craft but so far no one has been able to prove that he/she is aware of the assassin sect's existence. The former Spymaster was in the middle of investigating this when he was mysteriously poisoned. Refer to Desilava Resnik for more information on this.

    General Characters

    --- The Pirate Lords

    The coasts of Esnium do have some consistent piracy trouble ever since ship-building became incredibly widespread. While there are numerous bands of pirating outlaws circulating the lands, there are three particularly famous criminals that fancy themselves as pirate lords. These three characters have their own ship(s) and crew.

  • Pirate Lord #1 (male) is played by Kiran Telles
  • Pirate Lord #2 (female) is played by Nymane Valare
  • Pirate Lord #3 (male) is open
  • --- The Professors of the Mage's Guild

    These five characters are the highest ranking members of the Mage's Guild, under the Head of the Guild (the Court Archivist above). They must be over thirty-five years of age. They are masters of their magic type.

  • The Professor of Natural Magic is open
  • The Professor of Illusion Magic is open
  • The Professor of Fortification Magic is open
  • The Professor of Restoration Magic is open
  • The Professor of Malevolent Magic is played by Clarice Düsterwald
  • --- The Inquisition Commanders

    These three characters are the highest ranking members of the Inquisition, a faction working under the Mages' Guild. They must be over thirty years of age.

  • Commander #1 - Fortification Mage is played by Merek DeGrey
  • Commander #2 - Natural Mage is played by Aluna Zeidane
  • Commander #3 - Fortification Mage is played by Carthalo Magon
  • reserves

    advisor #2 is reserved for adara until june 14
    <b>---- last</b> is reserved for <b>alias</b> until <b>month ##</b><br>
    <b>canon title</b> is played by <a href="application link">character first last</a>

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